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Juan Villareal

Comedian / Actor – Juan Villareal AKA – the Latin “Kevin Hart of Comedy” has been entertaining audiences for over 25 years. You don't want to miss his return to ARMAHS!! Tickets on sale soon...stay tuned!! ***OTHER SPECIAL GUESTS TBA**

Juan Villareal

Time & Location

Returning Soon!

ARMAHS, 18201 Egret Bay Blvd Houston, TX 77058, USA

About The Event

Juan Villareal's Bio

Comedian/ Actor – Juan Villareal AKA – the Latin “Kevin Hart of Comedy” has been entertaining audiences for over 25 years. Having toured with and shared the stage with the likes of D.L. Hughley, Carlos Mencia, Cedric The Entertainer, Eddie Griffin and Paul Rodriguez, to name a few, Juan Villareal has added an entire new dimension to the saying “laugh your face off”- (in English and in Spanish).  

A natural born storyteller, Villareal has the ability to transport his audience right where he is- from conversations about family life to life on the road with his fellow comedians. Villareal shares his gift and gives us a perfect view from that “ third eye” – that realm of comedy that only the greats, like Redd Fox and Richard Pryor can tap into. 

 With just a mic and a mic stand, Villareal creates comedic magic on whatever stage he sets foot on. From BET, where he holds the record of eleven appearances- the most for any comedian on the network (Comedian Lavell Crawford comes in second with nine appearances); to Comedy Central, from Telemundo to Univision, there has not been one area of the industry that has not been introduced to, or fallen in love with the comedic genius of Juan Villareal.  

“Comedy is more than a career for me, “ explains Villareal, “ It's just who I am… a part of me. I love people and I genuinely love to make people laugh. There is so much that people have going on that can make them lose it and go crazy… but for me, I can take that same situation that they're in and I can get on a stage for an hour or two and turn that chaos into comedy.”  

And Juan's fans and audiences love him, right back. You never know if it is the beginning or the ending of a Juan Villareal show because there are always equally long lines for both. Long lines to enter his sold out shows and long lines at the end of his shows for merchandise, autographs and even a quick picture with their comedic hero.  

“The same way my fans come and support me, pay for a ticket, stand in line, follow me on social media, buy my DVD's- is the same way that I will always give them my best show, every single time,” adds Juan,” and at the end of the show, I will stand in line too, in order to shake hands, sign autographs and thank them for coming out.”  

So after over 25 years of success onstage, on tours and having , literally thousands of fans and followers, what else is there for Juan Villareal to do????

Juan Villareal...Coming back Bay Area Houston!

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