Main Room

Our main room features a L Shape layout that can comfortable accommodate up to 250 guests in a seated environment, and up to 450 guests in a standing room only environment. Some of the features in the main room include a large bar(with beautiful lighting systems), that can accommodate up to 6 bartenders, and also has a 3 tier built-in sink. Main room also features 14 chandeliers, 4 additional uplighting systems, and 2 video projectors. Host your wedding, corporate event, birthday celebration, or speciality event in this lovely space, and have plenty of room to add extras like photo-booths, ballon arches, and more .   

Prep Kitchen

Our prep kitchen features two large prep tables, a commercial ice machine, commercial refrigerator, a large 3 tier sink, and 3 storage racks. This area splits into two sides and gives a large team enough room to move around easily, and efficiently. The two separate entrances on each side of the kitchen also gives easy access to either side of the main room quickly. If you're bringing your own caterer, and bar team, they will feel right at home with everything we offer. 

Dressing Room/Bridal Suite

Our dressing room/bridal suite is the perfect private area to unwind before your event. Tucked away in the rear of the venue with its own private bathroom, this room also features a large vanity mirror with high chairs, a loveseat, a center table, some accents and other extras to make you feel at home. Pull open the blinds and get lots of natural lighting, or keep them closed and receive lots of lighting from multiple light fixtures in the room. So whether you're a bride getting ready to put a cherry on top during your big day, or you're an event planner flying in someone of high stature, this room is the perfect hideout during any event. 


Our female and male modern restrooms features digital hand washers with digital soap dispensers, and digital toilets. Each restroom has a baby changing table as well for those family friendly events. The female restroom has 3 private stalls, and the male has 2 private stalls along with a standup stall. After you've handled your business and washed those hands, in the hallway you'll notice a large mirror to get your final looks in before heading back out to the party. While you're at it grabs the girls and take some pictures at the turf backdrop as well.

Balcony/Outside Area

Our outside balcony/patio area is another space to get creative with. Whether you want your cocktail hour outside, or maybe you have a step & repeat, or just need an area as a pre-event; we have you covered! A balcony that can comfortable hold 60+ at a time, so as your line grows, there's plenty of room so you don't clog the front door area as you take your time checking guests in. Oh, we cant forget about the elevator! Whether you're bringing your own vendor for load-in and load-out, or don't want elderly or ladies in high heels taking the stairs, the elevator is there for use. Outside is also great for photoshoots, especially with the water-view and Clear Creek right at your footsteps.